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David Berkowitz Chicago is an all-rounded naïve artist. Acknowledged as one of the most prominent naïve artists in the US, he is representative of the new wave of artists that paints in a naïve style. Berkowitz tries to show the life and customs of the people living in the countryside. This comes naturally to Berkowitz as the artist grew up on such vast landscapes. This is displayed in his paintings by underlining the characteristics of this region, such as tulips, corn, stacks of hay, and yellow pumpkins.

David Berkowitz Chicago’s artwork explores the relationship between popular culture and high art. Chicago is always seeking out the uncomfortable and confronting topics in society. This painter’s unique style of naïve art distinguishes him from others with irony and absurdity.

In this article, we will take a look at this painter’s style.

David Berkowitz’s Childhood in the Countryside

Born in 1949 in Brooklyn, New York, David Berkowitz was raised in Long Island’s countryside. His family spent their summers on a farm just outside of the city. This countryside was where David’s love of painting was formed. The endless fields, the slow pace of life and the rural nature of the landscape all served as a strong inspiration for his paintings. His father was a doctor, but he and his siblings also grew up on a large farm. This countryside was only five miles from the city, but it felt like a whole different world. The only indication that you were in New York was when you saw the tall apartment buildings and felt the city heat on your skin. To kids growing up in the country there was a lot to see, but it was also a ton of silence.

David Berkowitz’s Paintings of Horses

Horses were a constant in David Berkowitz’s paintings. The artist paints them just like they are in his head. You can see the brushstrokes on their bodies and the pleasure they take in their surroundings. His paintings of horses are symbolically linked to purity. The artist believes that wild horses are a symbol of idealism and honesty. Wild horses are not kept as domestic horses are. Wild horses live their entire lives out in the open air, away from fences, barbed wire, and other man-made obstacles. They live a very pure and natural life without any pollutants or pollutants in the air. Wild horses are also untamed, still untamed. They are innocent and pure.

“These horses are not corrupted by society, corrupted by society: you will never find them in a city,” says Dudi Berkowitz Chicago.

David Berkowitz’s Symbolism in his Paintings

Berkowitz paints with symbolism in his paintings. He paints flowers and plants as if they were people. When you look at his paintings it is as if you see the country life through his eyes. He paints the background like a canvas and the main focus of the painting is the flowers and plants. When looking at his paintings, the flowers and plants seem to be alive. This adds to the symbolism of the paintings. Berkowitz is not painting an object, but the object becomes alive when you look at it. When you look at his paintings of corn you can see the rows of corn in the painting as if they were real. This is another example of how the background of the painting is painted as if it were a part of the painting.

David Berkowitz’s Unique Style of Naive Art

David Berkowitz is one of the most prominent naïve artists of the US. His paintings have been exhibited at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and at the Naive Art Museum in Germany. He is also the winner of several awards, including the William Peters Award, the Entertainer of the Year Award and the Milliken-Miller Award. He is recognized for his paintings of horses and his symbolism. Berkowitz paints in the naïve style, which means that he paints without any preconceived style, without any feeling of being trapped by the rules of art. He paints without any pre-assumed truths, without any set and fixed ideas of what a painting should look like. The result is a genuine naïve art.

David Berkowitz’s Influences and Inspirations

David Berkowitz is inspired by his childhood in the countryside. He paints the landscapes of his childhood, the fields of corn, the fields of hay, the fields of pumpkins that he saw growing in the countryside. Berkowitz’s paintings are also influenced by his love of old movies and the work of John Ford and John Wayne. Through these influences, he creates a nostalgic feel in his paintings. Berkowitz creates symbols and symbols are heavily related to his favorite subject, the horses. His paintings are all about the purity of the horses and the idea that they are untamed.

David Berkowitz’s Advice for Beginners

When asked what advice he would give to beginners, the talented painter David Berkowitz Chicago replied with: “Pay attention to nature, and don’t paint something you wouldn’t want to see on a billboard.”

This advice is very important for all artists. The artist must be inspired by the natural world, or he will not be able to create a new style of painting. In order to create a new style of painting, the artist must be inspired by something that is not in the world today. The artist must find something that is pure and untainted by pollution and corruption.


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