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Art block is the inability to create or finish work or a fear of creating art. It can occur when a person is stressed, working with poor lighting and deadlines, or simply have little creative drive. If you find yourself getting stuck in a rut and facing creative block, there are ways you can increase your creativity and prevent art block at work again. By understanding how it affects you and learning how to stop getting blocked, you’ll be able to regain control over your workflow and increase your productivity. In this article, Chicago-based artist David Berkowitz will discuss the key principles of creating art that cause creativity to go out the window, as well as tips on how to increase your creativity and not get blocked at work.


Don’t overwork yourself

We get that you want to get that project finished, but doing so while also managing a full schedule, coming to work with a head cold, or just not feeling well can make it difficult to create. Overwork can be scary because we feel too busy or overwhelmed to do the work at hand.

David Berkowitz Chicago struggles with this problem a lot. When you force yourself to draw something you don’t want to, you will burn out. Overworking yourself is not the same as pushing yourself. Making yourself draw until you want to cry is different from stepping outside of your comfort zone. When you feel tired, slow down.

Take breaks

It’s easy to get into a rhythm working on a project and not realize you’re running out of time until it’s way too late. To avoid this, try to take breaks throughout the day. Get up, walk around, take a nap, etc. When you’re back at your workspace, pause for 15 seconds before resuming. This break will give your brain time to decompress and allow you to come back with a fresh slate of ideas.


Set aside time for creative activities

Nothing feels better than creating art when you’re not feeling too busy. However, we all get stuck in a creative rut and find ourselves too busy to create when we really want to. To break out of this creative rut, try to find time for creative activities that will help you stay creative. For example, instead of putting all your energy into a single project, professional painter David Berkowitz Chicago recommends trying to find a side project or two you can sink your teeth into.


Use different tools to complete your tasks

If you’ve been drawing with the same pencil for the past year, change it up. Take a trip to the nearest craft store and pick up a new medium. Try using a paint you’ve never used before, new liners, or even glow-in-the-dark markers. Something different doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, just something you’re not used to. Using something new makes your brain think in ways it normally wouldn’t. To David Berkowitz Chicago, it is the most effective method of preventing artist’s block.


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