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Discover a paint that is unlike anything you have seen before. Water-based colors that are a mix of watercolor and acrylic and are sure to elevate your creativity level to the sky. It’s been a closely guarded secret for years, so get ready to discover this exceptional medium and watch the full power of gouache take the art world away.

Naïve art painter David Berkowitz Chicago believes that adding gouache paint to your art kit is a great way to grow your artistic skills and knowledge, as well as opening a new door to a creative life that you never thought possible. This diverse paint has many of the characteristics that we love so much from other paints, so it is a perfect harmony of properties and multi-functions.

For beginners and experienced artists alike, this is a medium not to be feared. It is a fun medium that should be enjoyed and explored in its many uses to learn the beauty that you can create with it. With gouache, you can paint a wide variety of subjects and use different brushes, so the opportunity to grow as an artist is limitless.

Meet the gouache

Knowing gouache before you start using it as your new artistic tool will help you on your journey to creating beautiful works. It is important for artists to know the composition of the painting and where it comes from to learn and cultivate their creative ability.

Gouache paint is a mixture of color pigment, water, and a binding agent, which is usually gum arabic or dextrin. Although it looks like watercolor, gouache has a higher concentration of pigment, so it is a heavier paint with a thicker texture. Its incredible matte finish makes it ideal for opaque painting methods. Gouache is an extraordinary medium that shares the characteristics of watercolor and acrylic but also has some of its own, making it a unique and surprising type of paint, explains David Berkowitz Chicago.

It is normally diluted with water before being applied to the substrate and, like acrylic paint, it is quite dense. This dissolution gives the copper an impressive translucent appearance, and it is a much stronger paint in terms of consistency. You must take into account the drying characteristics of the gouache. Paint dries very quickly and the appearance when drying is different from when it is wet, so lighter colors tend to be darker when dry, and darker colors are lighter. Don’t feel fooled by the gouache. At first, it may seem a bit difficult to get the colors you want due to the unique drying characteristics, but with a lot of practice and determination, you will soon have your brush put magic on the page, stroke after stroke.


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